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About Us

As a licenced plumber myself for over 35 years, I understand that reasonably priced quality plumbing materials have seldom been available on the South Coast of N.S.W.

Over the years I have become very frustrated with a lot of the pricing from major suppliers of plumbing goods to the local plumbers.

I believe licenced tradesman are entitled to and should receive trade prices, which is why we offer a discount structure only to licensed tradesmen.

Unlike some of our competitors, we won’t raise prices without notification, or charge you ridiculous prices on some items just because we can.

Here at “Just Plumbing Supplies” we aim to look after the little guys and give you the real deal.

‘’Just Plumbing Supplies’’ is an online store with minimal overheads allowing us to pass the savings on to you.

Specializing in “Just Water and Just Gas” a unique system where the same fitting is used on both the water and gas piping systems.

A very cost effective, simple, integrated system.

Carry one tool and one set of fittings and never run short of fittings again.

With a 2 second change of jaws the same press Tool is also able to crimp any of the copper press fittings systems from 15mm -32mm small Tool or 15mm-100mm Large Tool.

If you’re looking for a PRESS TOOL have a look at the rest, contact me and I will show you the best!

All materials sold by “Just Plumbing Supplies” are of the highest quality and meet or exceed all relevant AS/NZS standards.

With your support we will continue to bring more products on line at great prices, and keep the big Bastard’s honest!